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We had a thought, an idea, about homes that not only influence feelings of peace and tranquility, but generate them. Inspired by the comfortable and relaxed, European style of living, we thought of creating homes that cater to every basic need. But what European home is complete without a garden? And then, there was Jardin!

And just like the seed that gave birth to a majestic oak tree, our idea became a reality. With a musically French name, Jardin gives new meaning to the phrase “green revolution”. From every window, in every apartment, look out to witness the verdant glories of nature, beautifully shaped by the hands of man. Embrace the Green Scene!

It is said that the colour green represents good health, good luck, and above all, tranqulity. Verdant hues are said to soothe your senses, especially your eyes. With this thought, we have laid out a Meditation Deck that overlooks Jardin's expansive gardens. Revel in the silent, relaxed feeling of inner peace that washes over you as you meditate surrounded by nature's lush offerings.

Much like the very first Garden of yore, Sanskruti Lifespaces has meticulously designed a living space that is surrounded by flora and foliage. Every apartment, whether you choose one-bedroom, two, or three, has a view of the lush green central garden. You may not live in a cozy European cottage with a white picket fence, but every morning you get to wake up to the smell of freshly cut grass, wafting in from your bedroom window!

Only when the individual blades of grass flourish, do you get a meadow.

A seed cannot grow into a mighty oak without fertile soils to nourish it, and enable it to take root. For years, Baner has stood for was greenery and its pollution-free environment; making it one of the most lucrative hubs for Pune's construction industry. Baner's greenery and scenic mountain ranges lend themselves very well as a backdrop to housing projects for those who expect a beautiful view from their balconies and bedroom windows.

Information Technology, one of Pune's major economic booster-rockets, has made Baner an even more prime location. A whisper of a breath away from Hinjewadi, Wakad, and the Pune-Mumbai Expressway, Baner’s soil is fertile indeed! Baner is also located along the Mumbai-Bangalore highway, a point of fact that is equally, if not more significant, is it is vital to be as well-connected as possible to India's leading 'software city'. Bangalore is still the country's leading 'software city', and being as well-connected as possible to it is important for Pune's IT industry.

Site Address:
Survey No. 15, Behind Mercedes Benz Showroom, Baner, Pune
Corporate Office:
102, Sigma house, Near ICC Trade Tower, Senapati Bapat Road,
Pune - 411016
Contact No.: 1800 123 33 11 / 83087 72222
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